When you are unable to download games in your PS5 console while it is in Rest Mode, you have to enable “Stay Connected to the Internet” and “Auto-Download” features in settings to fix the issue. To do that,

STEP 1: Go to “Settings” in your PS 5

STEP 2: Tap on “Saved Data and Game/App Settings” and there you have to select “Automatic Updates

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This article will provide fixes to get your PS5 downloads working again even when the console is powered down in Rest Mode. By adjusting a few key system settings, you can resolve download issues and enjoy seamless game and update downloads.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Enable “Stay Connected to the Internet” to maintain network connectivity
  • Turn on “Auto-Download” for automatic downloads of game and software updates
  • Pause and resume stalled downloads
  • Enable automatic system updates to prevent software bugs from interfering with downloads

By following these troubleshooting steps, your PS5 will once again download games and updates whenever it’s powered off in Rest Mode just like it’s supposed to. So let’s get started!

Enable “Stay Connected to the Internet”

One setting that can prevent your PS5 from downloading games and updates in Rest Mode is “Stay Connected to the Internet”. Here’s how to make sure it’s enabled:

PS5 settings menu
  1. Go to Settings > System.
  2. Select Power Saving > Features available in Rest Mode
  3. Locate the “Stay Connected to the Internet” option.
  4. Make sure the setting is checked or enabled (it should be by default).
PS 5 Features available in Rest Mode

Enabling this setting allows your PS5 to maintain an internet connection even when powered down in Rest Mode. This constant connectivity allows for automatic downloads and updates to continue even if you have turned the console “off”.

If “Stay Connected to the Internet” gets disabled, your PS5 will completely disconnect from the internet in Rest Mode. This breaks the pathway needed for your downloads to communicate with game servers and download new data.

So having this setting enabled is essential to making sure your games auto-download properly in Rest Mode. Double check that it’s turned on if your PS5 isn’t downloading items as expected when powered off. Maintaining that network link is key for Rest Mode functionality.

Enable “Auto-Download”

Another important setting for getting your games to properly download in Rest Mode is enabling “Auto-Download”.

PS 5 Automatic Updates

Here is how to turn on PS5 auto-downloads:

  1. Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings.
  2. Select Automatic Updates.
  3. Find the “Auto-Download” option and make sure it is checked/enabled.

Having auto-downloads turned on gives permission for your PS5 to automatically start downloads for any new game updates. This prevents you from having to manually start each download when an update becomes available.

With “Auto-Download” enabled, your PS5 will automatically queue up game patch downloads any time an update is detected. It will then continue checking for and downloading updates even while powered down in Rest Mode.

So auto-download handling is key if you want to avoid manually managing every game update. Let your PS5 take care of scheduling and downloads in the background instead. This setting works hand-in-hand with Rest Mode to maintain up-to-date games.

Be sure auto-downloads are enabled if your PS5 isn’t automatically fetching updates while in Rest Mode. The combination of background downloads and auto-updating is essential.

Pause and Resume Stuck Downloads

If you find your PS5 getting stuck when trying to download games in Rest Mode, a simple fix is to pause the download and resume it. This can “unstick” it and get things moving again.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Download Queue.
  2. Highlight the stuck download.
  3. Select Pause Download.
  4. Wait a few seconds.
  5. Press Resume to restart the download.

Sometimes pausing and resuming can reset your network connection or restart the download process in a way that gets things unstuck.

So if your PS5 won’t progress past a certain point when downloading a game in Rest Mode, try this quick pause/resume trick. Pausing briefly then continuing often performs a sort of refresh allowing the download to recover.

It’s an easy fix to try if you notice your Rest Mode game downloads hanging up consistently at the same place. Give it a shot before trying more time-consuming troubleshooting!

Enable Automatic Updates

One additional setting you may want to enable for smoother Rest Mode downloads is automatic system software updates.

Here’s how to turn this on:

  1. Go to Settings > System > System Software Update and Settings.
  2. Select Automatic Update Options.
  3. Choose the “Always Update” option.

Having your PS5 automatically install system updates prevents software bugs from interfering with key functions like Rest Mode. Updates patch problems and improve performance.

So enabling automatic updates as a supplement to other fixes can further prevent hiccups with your Rest Mode downloads. Keeping current with the latest system software eliminates issues caused by being behind on updates.


To get PS5 game downloads working properly in Rest Mode, be sure to enable settings like “Stay Connected to the Internet” for constant network access and “Auto-Download” for automatic game update downloads in the background.

Also check that you don’t have any stalled downloads stuck in place needing a quick pause and resume to reset. Consider enabling automatic system updates as well to avoid software bugs blocking downloads.

With these simple fixes, your PS5 should once again be able to continue game downloads seamlessly even while powered off in Rest Mode. Let us know in the comments if you have any other issues getting your Rest Mode downloads to work correctly!

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