Having an Xbox controller with unresponsive or intermittently working buttons can be incredibly frustrating.

Most of the times you can fix unresponsive Xbox buttons issue by power cycling the controller by following the below steps,

STEP 1: Press and hold “Xbox” button for 20 seconds to turn off the controller.

STEP 2: Remove batteries from the controller and turn on the controller after 3 minutes by putting back the batteries.

Xbox Series Controller not working issue

There are a few other troubleshooting steps you can try yourself to resolve Xbox controller button issues before needing to replace the controller. This guide will overview some simple methods to get those unresponsive buttons working again. We’ll walk through power cycling your controller, re-syncing it with your Xbox console, updating firmware, and more.

Power Cycle the Controller

The first troubleshooting step to try with an unresponsive Xbox controller is power cycling it. This means turning the controller off and back on which essentially functions as a reset.

Xbox console pair button

Follow these instructions to power cycle your Xbox controller:

  1. Turn off your Xbox Series X/S console if it’s currently on.
  2. Open the battery compartment on the controller.
  3. Remove any batteries from the controller.
  4. Let the controller sit for 3 minutes without any power connected. This allows residual power to drain, completing the reset.
  5. After 3 minutes, reinsert the batteries and close the battery compartment.
  6. Turn your Xbox console back on.
  7. Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on.

Power cycling resets connectivity between the controller and console which can resolve button issues caused by syncing problems. Let your controller and console go through their startup process and then test if previously unresponsive buttons are now working in a game.

Be patient during testing as it may take a few minutes for the controller to sync back up after a power cycle reset. This simple process could save you from further troubleshooting or controller replacement!

Re-Sync the Controller

If power cycling your Xbox controller did not resolve the unresponsive button issues, the next step is to re-sync the controller with your console. This means unpairing then repairing, which resets the connectivity relationship between the controller and Xbox.

Xbox controller pair button

Follow these steps to re-sync your controller:

  1. Turn on your Xbox Series X/S console.
  2. Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on.
  3. Press and hold the Xbox button and Circle button simultaneously until you see a pop-up on screen asking you to re-pair the controller.
  4. Using another functional controller that’s already paired, select Yes to unpair the problematic controller.
  5. Now press and hold the Xbox button on the unpaired controller for several seconds until the Xbox button flashes rapidly. This puts the controller in pairing mode.
  6. Select the option to add a new controller on screen. The controller will re-pair.
  7. Once paired, check if previously unresponsive buttons now work properly in a game.

Like power cycling, re-syncing your controller resets the connectivity protocols between the device and console. Many intermittent controller issues result from faulty syncing, so this should be one of your first troubleshooting steps.

Use More Force on Buttons

If you’ve power cycled and re-synced the controller but certain buttons still don’t respond, another thing to try is pressing those buttons harder to test for a response. Sometimes external debris like dust or hair can work its way under buttons over time. Using extra force may dislodge debris that is obstructing proper button actuation.

When testing problematic buttons:

  1. Press lightly first as normal to confirm the button still does not respond.
  2. Begin increasing pressure more firmly until you feel the button fully depress.
  3. Repeat pressing firmly 5-10 times on stuck buttons to test for movement or response.
  4. After firmly pressing, go back to light presses checking if normal force now registers input.

The key with firmly pressing is applying force gradually. Take care not to damage the controller by slamming buttons harshly. Listen for tactile clicks and depress buttons fully one press at a time.

This debris clearance technique could reveal some buttons not making proper contact. Combining this with power cycling and re-syncing has resolved this issue for many gamers before needing extensive controller repairs.

Restart the Console

Another troubleshooting step to try if your Xbox controller has unresponsive buttons is restarting the console itself. Sometimes software issues on the Xbox side interfere with proper controller connectivity and input registration. Rebooting can clear these problems.

With a fully unresponsive controller you can’t navigate the menus to restart. Instead use these steps:

  1. If console is on, press power button on front for 10 seconds to force shutdown.
  2. Once console is fully powered off, disconnect the power cable from back of console.
  3. Wait 1 minute then reconnect the power cable to restore power.
  4. Press Xbox power button to restart console.
  5. Once booted, pair your controller again via sync button.
  6. Test for button responsiveness in a game once dashboard loads.

Resetting both the Xbox hardware and controller software often resolves elusive technical issues derailing connectivity and causing unregistered controller inputs.

After restarting, if your controller begins behaving erratically again later, there may be a deeper console-level failure in need of servicing. But first rebooting has resolved countless transient software-related Xbox controller issues players faced.

Update Controller Firmware

One last troubleshooting item to attempt is updating your Xbox controller’s firmware. Controller firmware is the deep-level software that runs the device. Keeping this firmware updated improves connectivity, fixes bugs, and enhances input responsiveness.

To update an Xbox controller’s firmware:

  1. Connect your controller via USB cable to a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC.
  2. Open the Xbox Accessories app.
  3. The app will automatically check and install any pending controller firmware updates it finds.
  4. Wait for update installation to reach 100% before disconnecting USB cable.

Firmware updates resolve Xbox controller problems like unresponsive buttons, connection drops, stick drift and other glitches. So even if buttons work again via simpler troubleshooting, it’s wise keeping firmware fully updated going forward.


To quickly review, here are effective troubleshooting steps to resolve unresponsive buttons on your Xbox Series X/S wireless controller:

  • Power cycle the controller to reset connectivity
  • Re-sync the controller to the console
  • Press buttons more firmly to dislodge debris
  • Restart the Xbox console itself
  • Update controller firmware on a Windows PC

Of those steps, power cycling and re-syncing have proven most effective at making unresponsive buttons work again after troubleshooting. Updating firmware and restarting the console can also clear complex software issues between devices.

If buttons continue failing even after trying all troubleshooting methods, your last resort would be contacting Xbox Support about a replacement or repair process for the faulty controller itself.

But in most cases unresponsive buttons result from connectivity issues rather than permanent hardware failure. Run through these troubleshooting techniques first before replacing what likely amounts to a perfectly salvageable Xbox controller!

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