If you encounter sudden lose connection or stop responding issues with the right controller of your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, it is mostly due to issues relating to controller battery, software bugs, or interference.

To fix the right controller not working issue, you just have to rest your controller as suggested by the official Meta Support team in Reddit. To do that, you will have to remove the AA battery in your right controller for about 10 minutes and then insert them back.

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This article will provide troubleshooting advice to help get your Oculus Quest 2 right controller functioning again. We’ll outline quick fixes to try first, then cover the re-pairing process if needed. The goal is to resolve common right controller connectivity issues so you can dive back into VR worlds.

Quick Fixes to Try

Before going through the more complex process of unpairing and repairing your Oculus controller, there are a few quick troubleshooting fixes you can attempt first:

Oculus Quest 2 battery compartment
  1. Reset the controller – Open the battery cover on the bottom of the right controller. Remove the AA battery then reinsert it to power cycle the device. Resetting reconnects the wireless link.
  2. Clean the battery contacts – Use a cotton swab dampened with vinegar to gently clean the battery contacts inside the controller. This clears any corrosion interfering with the power connection. Let fully dry before reinserting battery.
  3. Install a new battery – Replace the current AA battery with a brand new one or use a freshly charged rechargeable battery. Low battery power can cause connectivity issues.
  4. Restart the headset – Fully power off your Oculus Quest 2 by long pressing the power button on the top right. Wait 1 full minute then power back on. This re-establishes all connections.

Trying these quick fixes takes little time and often resolves right controller problems. If the issue persists, you’ll need to unpair then re-pair the malfunctioning controller to sync it back to your headset.

Unpair and Re-Pair the Controller

If quick troubleshooting tips don’t restore functionality, you’ll need to unpair then re-pair the right controller:

  1. Open the Meta Quest app on your phone and connect your headset.
  2. Select Devices in the app menu then choose the right controller.
  3. Select Unpair to disconnect the right controller from the headset.
  4. Fully power off your headset by pressing and holding the power button on your Quest 2 for several seconds until powered down.
  5. Wait 1 full minute with the headset turned off.
  6. Turn your headset back on after 5 minutes and log into your account.
  7. Select Pair New Controller within the Devices menu of the Meta Quest app.
  8. Follow the on-screen pairing instructions holding down buttons on the right touch controller when prompted.
Oculus Quest 2 right controller pairing as a new controller

Successfully re-pairing causes the headset and controllers to re-sync via Bluetooth allowing gameplay commands to register again. Perform unpairing as a last resort troubleshooting step before seeking replacement options.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

If the above steps don’t resolve your Oculus Quest 2 right controller connectivity issues, a few additional troubleshooting tips to try:

  1. Inspect for physical damage – Open the battery cover and visually check if the controller is broken or cracked. Damage can disrupt internal components causing malfunctions.
  2. Update software/firmware – Within the Meta Quest mobile app, check if any pending software updates are available for your headset and controllers. Install updates for potential bug fixes.
  3. Contact Oculus support – If your Quest 2 and controllers are still under warranty, reach out to Oculus Support via live chat or support ticket. Provide troubleshooting details and they can determine next steps including replacement.

While frustrating, many Quest 2 right controller issues can be self-resolved through battery resets, re-pairing, cleaning, or software updates. But if problems persist, take advantage of the product warranty and Oculus Support options when needed.


To recap, simple troubleshooting steps can often get an Oculus Quest 2 right controller functioning again:

  • Reset the controller by power cycling and cleaning the battery contacts
  • Check controller and headset for new firmware updates
  • Ultimately unpair then re-pair the right controller to resync to the headset

Trying these fixes takes little time up front. But if connectivity issues persist after troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to contact Oculus support about replacement options while the device is still under warranty.

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