Logitech wireless keyboard failing to work properly while your mouse continues to function is a common problem many users face, especially those with the MK850 keyboard and mouse combo.

Most of the times the reason for this issue is due to drained keyboard batteries or not connecting the Logitech unifying receiver directly to an inbuilt computer USB port. Further, you might have not selected the right device on your Logitech keyboard if it has the multiple devices pairing options. So by doing these basic checks you can fix the Logitech wireless keyboard unresponsive issue, while your mouse still operates fine.

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The purpose of this post is to provide straightforward troubleshooting tips to get your Logitech wireless keyboard back up and running again. I’ll outline some common causes and solutions to try sequentially until normal functionality is restored.

Getting Your Logitech Keyboard Working Again

There are a few usual culprits behind a wireless Logitech keyboard failing to work properly:

  • Low keyboard battery If the batteries in the keyboard are running low on charge, this can cause spotty connectivity or lack of responsiveness even if the mouse still works. The keyboard LED light will often blink red indicating low power.
  • Unifying receiver connection issues Problems with the USB receiver can prevent the keyboard from maintaining a solid wireless connection to your computer. Issues like the receiver becoming loose or being plugged into a bad USB port can cause functionality problems.
  • Wrong device paired In some cases, the mouse may remain paired to the unifying receiver, but the keyboard may lose its pairing. This can happen after a firmware update or if the devices lose sync.
  • Power switch turned off Some Logitech keyboard models have a small power toggle that has been switched to the Off position accidentally. This disables power to the keyboard but will not affect the mouse.

By methodically checking each of these common causes first, you can narrow down the reason for the keyboard malfunction.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting

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Follow these troubleshooting steps in order to get your Logitech keyboard working again:

  1. Check Keyboard Batteries – First, flip over the non-responsive keyboard and open the battery compartment. Remove any low batteries and replace them with fresh ones. Logitech recommends high-quality alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries. If the old batteries are running low, replacing them with brand new ones often resolves many wireless keyboard issues.
  2. Ensure Proper Unifying Receiver Connection – Verify the unifying receiver is plugged directly into a USB port on your computer rather than through a hub or extension cable which could interfere with connectivity. If you have access to other available USB ports, try removing and inserting the receiver into each one systematically. Test the keyboard responsiveness after each attempt to see if a different port helps recognize the device.
  3. Confirm Correct Device Paired – Verify that the keyboard is actually paired properly with the unifying receiver. The pairing process varies across operating systems but generally involves going into Bluetooth settings or connected devices, locating the keyboard, and confirming it shows as paired or connected. If needed, select the option to manually pair the keyboard again to restore connectivity.
  4. Verify Keyboard Power Switch Position – If your Logitech keyboard model features a small power switch along one of the edges, make sure it did not accidentally get toggled to the Off position. Carefully slide the switch to the On position to restore power flow to the keyboard circuitry.
  5. Remove and Reinsert Unifying Receiver– As a connectivity troubleshooting step, unplug the unifying wireless receiver from your computer entirely. Next, turn off the keyboard and wait 5-10 seconds before turning back on to reboot the device and clear any cached connection data.Finally, insert the unifying receiver back into your PC and check if keyboard responsiveness improved. This helps reset any detection issues between the receiver and keyboard.
  6. Check Computer’s Bluetooth Setting – Ensure that your computer’s Bluetooth connectivity is enabled. Some Logitech devices require active Bluetooth to maintain the unifying receiver connection. You can check by opening settings and verifying the Bluetooth option is toggled on. If not, enable it and see if the keyboard begins working.
  7. Restart the Computer – Recommend fully rebooting your computer as another troubleshooting step. Before restarting, uninstall the unifying receiver. Once powered back on, plug the receiver back in and test keyboard responsiveness.A full reboot helps clear any software issues that may be interfering with device connectivity and detection.
  8. Install Logitech Options Software – For many Logitech keyboard models, downloading and installing the newest Logitech Options software can improve connectivity. Access the package here if compatible with your keyboard model. Be sure to reconnect the keyboard after successful software installation.
  9. Reset Logitech Keyboard – As a last resort, you can completely reset your Logitech keyboard to factory conditions. This drains any residual power and clears all connectivity settings. The reset process varies by model but generally involves pressing a pinhole reset button on the bottom for several seconds until the LED blinks. Reconnect the keyboard afterwards and hopefully issues will be resolved.


Hopefully by now, step-by-step working through each of the above troubleshooting tips has resolved your Logitech wireless keyboard connectivity problems.

I summarized common causes like low keyboard battery, unifying receiver issues, power switch position, and loose pairing. Make sure to check for each of these first.

Then I provided a sequential list of practical solutions to attempt in order such as:

  • Replacing low batteries
  • Checking unifying receiver connections
  • Confirming keyboard pairing
  • Toggling the keyboard power switch
  • Unplugging/reinserting the receiver
  • Verifying computer Bluetooth is on
  • Rebooting your computer
  • Reinstalling Logitech software
  • Reseting the keyboard completely

Trying each troubleshooting step one-by-one until the problem is fixed is crucial, as is following them in the right sequence.

I hope these instructions get your Logitech wireless keyboard fully operational again. Please let me know in the comments if you still have any problems or questions!

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