Use the conservatory to connect outdoors with indoors

We may not always have a good summer but when we do we want to make the most of it. A conservatory is a good way to connect the indoors with the outdoors. A good-priced conservatory is still a few thousand but can seriously add value to both the home itself and to the family’s value of living.


A good value for money conservatory traditionally goes on the back of the house and is particularly good if you have a couple of double doors opening out onto a patio. This allows you to open the uPVC double doors. This is ideal for family gatherings where you can place food in the conservatory while enjoying the fresh air.

Getting the right conservatory is vital. A good large conservatory with a pitched roof and uPVC windows are ideal. Adding conservatory blinds will increase their usefulness and if you want to use them in the winter as well then a heating system should be included. A good cheap conservatory isn’t the way to go. For good results get a good standard or deluxe conservatory that will last for years to come.

With a conservatory, the summers can be filled with fun for all the family with the kids playing outside while you read inside still able to keep your eye on them, family parties, and on top of that an extension that will add value to your property. It is a no-lose decision to get a conservatory. Do it today and never look back.

Conservatories and their detail

Conservatories are one of the largest investments you can get behind the home that it is built upon. It is important that you get the detail right in order to make the very most of the investment. A conservatory is a major outlay. It is something that should not be done on a cheap basis but as a proper investment. Here are some important factors to remember about the detail of a conservatory.

First of all, are the foundations which while a conservatory may not be as heavy as full two-story extensions will still need proper foundations. After that, you will need to decide whether you want panels of a brick wall around the base. This can look amazing with the brick finish but they are best when they match the bricks of your home.

The conservatory frame is important as well. The most common is a uPVC frame with Aluminium frames coming in second. Lastly, Hardwood conservatory frames are last but still have a use as they are great for conservatories in conservation areas. Once the material of the frame is decided you can then get the double glazing fitted.

The roof is another area where changes can be made. A pitched roof can have glass tiles or panels. They can also include an opening window to assist with temperature control. Because the roof is pitched you will need conservatory blinds that will be clipped in running on the same angle as the window. Curtains are clearly no good with an angled window. The blinds can also help to control the temperature of the conservatory. This is where cheap conservatories that do not have these bits can come unstuck.

So you can see that getting the detail is so important when getting a conservatory built. Get the planning right and the building of a conservatory will become much easier. It is something that really is worthwhile. Investigate today online and see just how fantastic they can be.

Things to consider when building a conservatory

If you are looking to beat the increase in Vat this New Year by getting your conservatory built this year then there are a number of things to consider. Even if you are planning your new conservatory for the New Year you should still be aware of a few things.

First of all, like any major extension you need to ensure that proper and correct foundations are put down. This isn’t the kind of thing you can build on the foundations like a patio. Before you can do that you need to know how big it is going to be and for this you need to give some more consideration.

Large conservatories will most likely require planning permission and even if they do not you will need to consider your neighbors. You may wish to talk to them first to explain what will be happening and how it will affect them. Once you have done that you must make sure that it works well and looks good in your home. This could mean getting a pitched roof rather than a flat roof like you may get with a lean-to conservatory.

You will also need to match the style. You have a fairly good choice when it comes to conservatories. You can alter the materials from uPVC to Aluminium to Hardwood, the conservatory styles, and even the size and shape of the conservatory.  All to give you the finished conservatory you want and need.

So as you can see there are a variety of aspects to think about when buying a conservatory. Plan well and the rest of the project will go like a dream.