Home Renovation Planning – Detailed Guide (2022)

If you are looking to begin a home renovation project then you must like many things start with the planning. It is always a good idea to start by working out what you are trying to achieve before you begin. Once you know what you want to achieve you can research the best possible ways to achieve it, how much it will cost you, and the actual work involved.  There are always many tips with a few of them shown below.

home renovation

There are many ideas as to how to renovate a home with some ideas generally being forgotten. A perfect example of these is the flooring and also the windows and doors. These are very often left till last when in fact if they are done early can make all the difference. If these areas are improved it can greatly improve the appearance and price of the house.

The flooring can greatly improve the overall look of the house as it is in every room and is very noticeable. It needs to be in the very best condition as it is used all the time. If for example, you are trying to sell your home then good flooring can make the difference as it is an area that people will notice as soon as they enter the house. Hardwood flooring is a big favorite for many people as it is strong and durable flooring. It is particularly good in the kitchen and living rooms as it is the type of flooring that can go with many different types of décor.

The other option is to update the windows and doors. If you do get the right windows and doors you can seriously improve the look of your home. It can also lead to your home is more energy efficient which will lower your future bills not to mention the improved security. Good quality double glazed door for example is so difficult for anyone to get through that burglars will not even try.

At the end of the day replacement windows and doors are very advisable when you take into account all the extra benefits besides the look. While they can be expensive they will more than add to the value of your home making them a great long-term investment. Add to that the extra benefits and it is an easy decision to make. There are a number of companies locally to you no matter where you are so look around and always go for the best quality rather than the cheapest price. Often the cheapest price is the cheapest for a very good reason.

So you can see that when you are going to do some work on your home planning is the first step to ensure that you do the right work in the right way and for the right price but ultimately you can make a huge difference by just working on the flooring and windows and doors making the job seem a hell of a lot easier.

Planing a New Bathroom

Most homes these days have a bathroom unlike in the fifties when Sunday night was bath night in an old tin bath in the kitchen.   Everyone had their bath the same night and that was that for the whole week.   Nowadays we are lucky, to say the least with the ability to have a bath just about whenever we want one.  It means more cleaning to be done but well worth it. 

Maintenance and cleanliness of the bathroom are important for obvious reasons but in time items will need replacing and it may be worth considering an overhaul of the entire room.

You may be lucky enough to be building your own bathroom.  If you are then firstly consider quality tiling which will help keep the algae away from the bathroom and make for easier cleaning. 

Your choice for a bath is considerable with Cast Iron, Steel, Stone Resin, and even acrylic materials available.  There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them of course.   Some are strong but expensive; others are subject to the heat fading too quickly.  The Acrylic baths are cheaper and hard-wearing but do sound hollow.  You should take time to look through the entire portfolio before reaching a decision.

A package deal of washbasin, toilet, bidet, and bath is the norm but you may be considering just the replacement of one individual item which would mean getting an exact match to the rest.   Whether it is a single piece or an entire suite don’t forget to include the taps in the budget.  They can cost several pounds and it is worth getting the best your pocket can afford.   Space may prevent the inclusion of a bidet but the sink again needs an area around it especially if it is used for shaving, washing, and hair washing. 

If you are building or rebuilding from scratch then why not consider a shower instead of a bath.  Many people of a mature age find it more and more difficult to enter a bath but should be able to cope with a shower.  There are of course nowadays types of walk-in baths but these are quite costly and anyone who is on a tight budget simply cannot include these in their estimations.

The expense is also a consideration when it comes to the fitting.  If you are an expert in DIY or have a friend that is way inclined then all is well and good.  However, we are not all blessed with the relevant abilities so professional help has to be sought.  Make sure you call on a fully qualified builder/plumber and ask for references if they are unknown to you or your family.