Buying Garden Tools – Detailed Guide For Home Gardeners

Buying new garden tools is the wish of every gardener when a new gardening season is about to begin. New tools make the job easier, but the process of selecting which one to buy is far from easy. Sometimes you already know what you want to get but that in itself isn’t sufficient. 

There are so many brands on the market now that it’s a great task just choosing what to buy.

We have some advice for you that will make your job of garden tool shopping easier. To do this you need to know how to properly select garden tools, when to buy them, where to buy and how to get the best value for your money. All these and more will be covered in this section. You will also get practical tips on shopping from gardeners like you. Let’s get started.

Selecting a Tool

Making the right choice is the most important part of the buying process. It’s easier to forgive yourself for paying a bit more for the right tool than for paying for the wrong tool no matter how cheap it is. It’s worse if it turns out to be totally useless and the shop you bought it from doesn’t accept returns. I’m sure you get the picture now. So tool selection is the key to your satisfaction. But how can you do that right?

A simple rule to follow is this: Buy what you need, what will last and what will NOT give too much trouble.

To this I must add – buy what is safe to use.

What you need Know what job needs to be done, find out all the tools that can do it, do some research on the price and features of everyone that made your list and then make your choice.

What will last. – The simple way to know what will last is by the level of confidence a manufacturer puts in its products. Manufacturers show they are confident in their products by offering guarantees and return options. The greater the confidence they have, the longer and more encompassing the guarantee. They know the quality of their tools and know how long it normally lasts for. Generally a tool will be expected to last longer than the guaranteed time.

What will NOT give too much trouble – The simplest way to find out is to ask those who have used the tools before. Read testimonials and read tool reviews. Try to get a balanced opinion. Read independent reviews and the manufacturer’s reviews.

What is safe – You can get this in the reviews, by asking previous owners and most importantly by reading the manufacturers commitment to safety which you can find on their website. If you are in doubt don’t be afraid to send a mail or call them.

Finally, be careful in making your choice. Don’t be in a rush. Hasty decisions turn out to be faulty a lot of times.

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Choosing the Shop

You can buy garden tools from a lot of places. Almost every big shopping mall has a section for garden tools but is it ok to buy your tools from just anywhere? The answer is NO.

It’s best to buy your garden tools directly from the manufacturers if possible. If not then the options are

1. Authorized dealers, and distributors. You will find a list at the manufacturers’ website.

2. Specialized garden tool shops like Yardiac.

3. Reputable shopping malls like Amazon and walmart

It’s better to buy from outlets like these is because the tools are usually cheaper they have reasonable guarantees. The shops have favourable return policies and they pay attention to online security making credit card transactions safer.

If it is possible to get a particular tool at a shop close to you, it’s better to do that rather than buying the tool online. The advantage is that you get to see, touch, hold and try out the tool before you buy and so save yourself the trouble of having to return what you don’t like.

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The RIGHT Time to Buy

This is a very important part simply because it can save you lots of money. The best times to buy garden tools are during clearance sales. These usually come up at the end of the planting season and during wintertime. Tools are a lot cheaper then and so with a little foresight, you can get more for the same price. Some do clearance sales of last season’s tools at the start of a new season. Just keep your ears open. It’s also possible to get discounts from tool shops during special occasions, promotions, or when they have special sales campaigns. A lot of them offer email alert services for discounts. It won’t hurt to sign up for any you like.

Quality vs Quantity

This is a very big issue. What is the right price for a tool? What price is too high? When can I compromise on quality in favor of quantity? The questions are endless.

My answer is simple. I’ve noticed that most times you get value for your money when you buy anything. Of course, sometimes you may be ripped off but that’s not so common.

It’s best to do your market research well – compare the prices and features of the tools you are considering. Do these in at least three online shops, then take your decision. Select the BEST tool you can afford. Remember that a good tool can last a lifetime but a bad one can be a pain in the neck.